We welcome former football players, football scouts, football coaches, sport consultants and officially licensed FA agents to join our currently expanding team.

At Uplift11, we have built up very good relationships within the United Kingdom and Europe with our current scouting network and we are still looking to extend our partnership across the US, Asia, Africa, South America and the pacific.

The people we choose at Uplift11 are all the right kind of people, having played the game or coached the game to a high level. Each current scout at Uplift11 works closely with us, with our combined aim to using the unique scouting tools at our disposal to search the globe for aspiring and talented footballers of today and for tomorrow.

We are delighted to invite professional football people to work with us today on a very attractive scheme. We require scouts or coaches to be with, or to have been attached to professional clubs, non-league clubs, academies or colleges.

Want to work with a forward thinking sport career management company like ours? We will be delighted to discuss a future with you and our very attractive scheme opportunity here.

Send us your personal CV for us to simply check your employment of a club or college as legitimate. All personal information will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Former football players please call us today for a positive discussion here at Uplift11.



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